MISS GOVERNESS International Childcare Recruitment Agency is a high profile, modern nanny and governess agency specialising in careful selection of highly qualified, competent and educated child care specialists and assigning them to work with families in Europe and worldwide. As a proud member of the International Nanny Association (INA, 1985) we operate in compliance with the international standards, adhere to professional excellence and recommended practices for the premier childcare employment agencies.


Our recruitment and selection processes have been based on extensive experience of experts from such countries as the United States, Great Britain, and Australia, who strive to professionalize childcare industry.

We believe that only the cautious reference checking can emerge the creative, talented, educated and reliable candidates. We pay close attention to education, skills and experience of our caregivers and language teachers. Our governess agency searches for candidates with good manners and versatile knowledge who are confident and passionate about teaching, committed to creating a safe, inviting and stimulating environment for your children.

Our modern nanny and governess agency offers selection and recruitment of candidates for such positions as:

 Governess / Governor

 Nanny / Manny

 Au-Pair 


 Skype Language Tutor

Moreover, we provide online consultancy services dedicated to families - candidate screening service with the use of our professional tools: Psychological Test, Child Development Knowledge Test

We cooperate with nannies and governesses who can inspire children and encourage them to healthy eating, practising sports, playing a musical instrument or foreign languages learning. Our caregivers have been first aid trained and can immediately react to unforeseen situations. We believe that the key to a perfect match between the candidate and the family is a thorough knowledge of the needs of both parties and a mature cooperation based on experience and mutual trust. Parents who use the services of our agency can be confident that they will be presented only with well-educated, talented, and cautiously verified childcare professionals. 

We are fully committed to making the placement process simple, efficient and pleasant!


Miss Governess - International Childcare Recruitment Agency