Miss Governess International has one of the most rigorous screening and selection processes in the industry, which was created to ensure that every aspect has been carefully checked and evaluated.

Our screening process is in line with high standards of INA  (International Nanny Association, 1985), it has been based on extensive experience of experts from such countries as the United States, Great Britain, and Australia, who strive to professionalize childcare industry.

Parents who use the services of our agency can be confident that they will be presented only with well-educated, talented, and cautiously verified childcare professionals.  

Our professional governesses and nannies are chosen for their experience in caring for children. Many of our caregivers are teachers, psychologists, trained in the education or hold professional nanny qualifications. They are uniquely energetic, sensitive and warm individuals. They have an understanding of child development, recognize the importance of providing stimulating activities for children, catering to their individual needs and interests. All our childminders have a friendly disposition and genuine interest in nurturing and educating children, committed to creating a safe, inviting and stimulating environment for your children.

The Agency has taken special measures to ensure that all of our Candidates have a sincere desire to work with children. We only represent the finest career governesses, professional nannies, au-pairs, and tutors, that have impeccable references, experience, and character.

We understand the importance of knowing you have the most trustworthy individual in your home caring for your children. We understand that parents have a tremendous struggle to find competent and safe caregivers. That is why we make it our first and foremost top priority to fully screen each and every Candidate the Agency represents.


How is our screening extraordinary?

We are highly selective and use sophisticated personality screening to select and match the right Candidate to each family’s unique needs and personalities. We recognize that our role is of enormous importance and we take each step of the process very seriously.






Each applicant is required to complete an extensive candidate’s registration form and to attach all required documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (up to date)
  • Passport (overseas candidates only) and/or ID (overseas candidates and Poland based positions)
  • Qualifications and Certificates
  • Criminal Record Check (Police Check)
  • Current First Aid Qualification
  • Driving License (if relevant)
  • At least two written (contactable) childcare references
  • At least one personal (contactable) reference
  • Recent photo

Applicants must meet our requirements, have relevant job history and min 2-year childcare experience in order to go on to the next step in our screening process.



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During Skype interview, we will ask the applicants several questions to better understand their childcare experience, education, and job preferences. Skype interview usually lasts 30-45 min. Upon a successful completion of the interview, we will move on to professional and personal reference check.



We conduct over the phone reference checks from at least two professional childcare employers, which entails a comprehensive list of questions involving job duties, work ethic, childcare techniques, and disposition. We also contact all employers listed in candidate’s employment history for the past 3 years, even if not childcare related. We require every applicant to supply us with contact information to at least one personal referrer who is not related to applicant and have known him/her for at least 5 years. We will call each personal reference and ask several detailed questions to better understand applicant’s personality, history, and character.



The Agency will perform a thorough background check that includes a Criminal Record check and a Driving Record check (if applicable). The Agency takes every conceivable measure possible to be completely sure that the Candidates we are allowing to represent the Agency are being completely forthcoming regarding their identification and citizenship. All copies of certificates, qualifications, and examinations that are on file are thoroughly verified.



If possible, we like to meet all our candidates we place through the Agency  in person, for a face-to-face interview. During in-person interview, we would like to get to know the candidates better. Check their knowledge in practical emergency situations, problem-solving and organizational skills. We would also discuss candidates’ hobbies and interests to get a better understanding of who they are and what type of family they would work best with.



Many parents do not ask agencies about candidate’s psychometric screening because they are not aware of how important personality and risk screening is when recruiting caregivers. Most of the nanny agencies are not using good, sound and reliable psychometric tests to screen their  candidates, instead, they are using any personality tests of the Internet that have nothing to do with childcare.  Our Agency is using only appropriate, standardized Psychometric Testing oriented towards childcare and designed to be used with caregivers.  Our test assesses emotional stability under stress, the level of maturity, red flags such as drug or alcohol addictions, psychological disorders, your child’s safety in caregiver's care. The Agency may conduct additionally a separate test checking candidate’s comprehensive knowledge of child’s development.



Upon a successful completion of Agency’s screening and selection process, the applicant is considered as official Agency’s candidate. The Agency review all of the information gathered on the candidate: application, resume, interview, references, background check, credentials verification, as well as psychological and child development tests results (conducted upon client’s request) and prepare candidate’s comprehensive profile to be viewed by the client.

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