Miss Governess International Childcare Recruitment Agency is committed to building strong, mutually valuable relationships with companies from all sectors. We offer a range of ways in which you, your company or organization can work with us to help add value to your business:


An Overseas Representative is an individual who represent our agency overseas. In countries or regions where Miss Governess' International Partner is yet not represented, Overseas Representative work close with us to recruit participants directly. Should you become highly motivated with our work ethics and values,  we will be happy to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the country or region where you are based. We are looking for passionate souls who are active with social media, comfortable with social networking and well connected in their area/region/country. 


Miss Governess works with experienced Au Pair/Nanny agencies, International Schools, Relocating Companies in various countries and regions. We are experienced in both sending and receiving Au Pairs, Nannies, Governesses and strive to maintain the best service for our customers from home and abroad.


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