In most cases, Au-Pairs pay their own travel expenses, visa cost, medical checks and insurance, this, however, depends on the relevant host country.


As a courtesy to their Au-Pairs, many of the families refund part of expenses or pay the return ticket for their Au-Pairs. We recommend that host families contribute at least to the expenses of the language course and return trip. We believe that the party in a financially stronger position should help the party with fewer resources.

Although we recommend host families to support Au-Pairs with the travel costs, it’s not their direct obligation. Initially, the transportation costs will be covered by the participants. If the host family would like to help the Au-Pair, the refund will be done upon valid ticket presentation, after the Au-Pair arrival in the host country. We recommend discussing this question before the Au-Pair stay begins and preferably note them down in the Au-Pair contract.



Visa expenses must be paid by the Au-Pair and the host family will not have the obligation to give the money back in any case.  Au-Pairs need to apply for a visa at the host country’s embassy placed in their home country. Participants need to make sure they fulfill the visa requirements so that their application can be approved.  The visa requirements vary depending on Au-Pair’s citizenship and target country regulations. Not all countries have official Au-Pair programs, however, an Au-Pair can still travel to such countries if a host family is available as a sponsor.


Insurance plays an important role during Au-Pair stay abroad as in some countries medical help can be really expensive. The requirements depend on the Au-Pair citizenship, the length of stay and chosen host country. The Au-Pair might need to enroll in the National Health Care System. In other cases, the Au Pair will need to register for a private health care insurance. In some countries, the host family has to take care of the insurance coverage for their Au-Pair. (If you are an EU citizen planning to visit another EU country, read more about European Health Insurance Card.)

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