A Governor is a male teacher and academic mentor to children in private households. Although the role used to be primarily for females, the role of Governor is becoming more and more popular in families with boys, where a Governor is more able to meet the needs and demands of their charges. Governors are highly educated individuals with teaching background or higher childcare education and a minimum of 2 years professional childcare or teaching experience. Generally Governors are not responsible for the general care of the children but are primarily focused on education.



Guwernerzy nie wykonują obowiązków związanych z pielęgnacją dzieci (karmieniem, kąpaniem, ubieraniem), jednak po obustronnej akceptacji obowiązki te mogą być rozszerzone. Posada guwernera jest coraz bardziej popularna wśród rodzin, potrzebujących empatycznej i fachowej opieki nad chłopcami. Guwernerzy sprawdzają się zarówno w wykonywaniu codziennych obowiązków, jak i w motywowaniu podopiecznych do nauki oraz udziału w aktywnościach sportowych.




  • working in partnership with the family and teachers to provide care and educational development for children
  • supplementing or replacing child’s school education in private households
  • promoting child’s intellectual, educational and social development
  • coordinating and providing child’s leisure activities, extra curriculum and educational excursions
  • teaching second language, music, arts or sports
  • motivating the students
  • providing a positive learning environment
  • teaching etiquette and promoting good manners and behavior
  • arranging play-dates and social schedules
  • keeping parents informed of child’s developmental progress
  • planning and organizing stimulating age appropriate activities
  • escorting the children to school and extracurricular activities
  • traveling with the family (if required) and organizing child’s leisure and educational activities during the trips

On average most Governors work approximately 8-10 hours a day usually with 2 days off. Each family will create a schedule and shift pattern unique to them. Different working shift patterns such as one week on/one week off can sometimes be agreed.


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