Each nanny was inexperienced at the beginning of her or his career. However, not everyone can become a junior nanny and our candidates are cautiously verified through the rigorous placement process. Our nanny agency verifies candidates’ skills and childcare references from the previous employers as well as Criminal Record Check, current First Aid Qualifications, good manners, diligence, flexibility and efficient work planning.





Junior nanny is a younger, less experienced (less than 2 years) childminder who is responsible for the care of the children. She/He can undertake all tasks related to the care of the children but it is recommended that junior nannies are more suitable for shared charge, working alongside a team of nannies or as mother’s help. 

We give the junior nannies a chance to gain experience and be promoted to a full-time nanny’s post after completing certain number of hours and receiving excellent references from the employer. The additional junior nanny’s competences, such as playing a musical instrument, foreign languages skills, artistic abilities or sport skills, are very appreciated. We believe that the responsible, creative and versatile junior nannies can organise children’s free time, help them in learning and take care of them as good as the experienced nannies. We choose the people who are passionate about childcare!




  • working in partnership with the family and teachers to provide care and educational development for children
  • meeting physical needs of children, including dressing, feeding, and bathing
  • light household duties including children’s laundry
  • preparation of nutritional meals
  • maintaining the cleanliness of children’s bedrooms and belongings
  • teaching basic social skills, reading and writing skills to older children in the household
  • arranging play-dates and social schedules
  • keeping parents informed of developmental progress
  • babysitting evenings
  • babysitting – opieka nad dzieckiem pod nieobecność rodziców (wieczory/noce)
  • planning and organizing stimulating age appropriate activities
  • escorting the children to school and other extra curriculum activities
  • supervising homework

Junior nanny works on average 6-10 hours a day. Each family will create a schedule and shift pattern unique to them.

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