A Tutor is a highly qualified professional and experienced individual who assists students academically. Professional but at the same time friendly and approachable. Whether the child is struggling in a particular subject or wishing to excel in another, a Tutor will assist, evaluate, motivate, develop and integrate student’s learning. A qualified Tutor will have a teaching background or extensive work experience with excellent subject specific knowledge. Excellent communicator, with the ability to build a rapport with their students.



There could be a number of reasons why you would consider hiring a tutor for your children; perhaps they are a little behind in certain subjects, have impending exams or they could, equally, be gifted and a bit held back in their conventional school? Whilst many of us, at one time or another, may have thought that a little extra help could benefit our child, increasingly a number of parents are considering the option of hiring a full or part-time tutor to help to boost their child’s success.

Tutor could be a great addition to your child’s life. Perhaps you work extremely long hours and feel this reduces your ability to provide that extra added support or academic help that a tutor could provide. Or maybe your work requires that you travel extensively and you prefer to take the whole family along; a tutor would be a great addition in these circumstances.

Whatever the reasoning, you can be sure that the one-to-one attention of a supportive and fully committed adult, would certainly bolster your child’s love of learning and aid their future academic success. Let’s have a closer look at the role of tutor.



  • assist their children to improve their English language skills
  • teach new foreign language via skype conversations with Native Speaker (Chinese, Hindi, French, Italian, German etc.)
  • boost children’ grades at school
  • prepare children to pass exams
  • gain entry into an international school
  • assist with homework



  • providing one-to-one classes to students within their home
  • teaching students foreign language (live-in/daily tutor or skype language tutor)
  • preparing students for entry into leading schools, colleges and universities
  • examination guidance
  • tutoring a range of subjects such as Maths or Science
  • motivating the students
  • providing a positive learning environment
  • assisting with school homework

Full time Tutor works between 35 – 40 hours a week. A tutor may be employed full time by a family or work part time for a number of families.

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